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Success, fame, trust and value is not achieved overnight. It is purely hard work, perseverance and passion for what we do. Today Jawed Habib is a name synonymous with hair styling. It is the successful and famous brand in India. I have witnessed that some of my salons are located in not so upbeat locations. But the moment the name Jawed Habib is tagged to the premises, it becomes a landmark! The brand in itself is so strong that it requires no advertising. This is because our customers value our work. The dedication of our team at work creates this magic. Our stylist team is strong as it is technically superior. They have a firm educational foundation from JH Academies. Our customers are repeated due to the strong bond of service provided by our technicians. The customers respect our work and they become our brand ambassadors. Where is the need for us of a famous celebrity face to popularize our brand? Our happy customers do the job for us.

Today JH brand is the talk of the town and need of the country. Incessant hard work put by me has seen the brand through zero to zenith.



When I talk my mind on hair matters, people listen. They have faith on my words as these come out of my years of hard work and experience. Our team should reap the fruits of this trust. Our technicians should consider themselves like the 'doctor of hair'. Only dance between the hair and scissors can create the magic. Take profession as a religion. Create faith among people. Be positive always and help other colleagues. Guide each other but don't confront. Believe more on your work than depend on the products. Remember that it is the strength of our work only which creates the magic and products are just secondary. Adopt these qualities and you too can become a celebrity. Pass away the Page-3 stories and romance with this profession. Talk to the hair, feel the hair and let the scissors create the magic. Smile on the face of the customer will tell a song. Yes! You can walk on the clouds for sometime to enjoy this romance. But be ready for another magic, another song, another romance! Every customer is a new love story!